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OSI 2023



Kingsley Surf n' English (12 nights)

Kingsley Surf Academy (5 nights)

Summer Fields School 2023

Oxford Brookes University 2023

The Cheltenham Ladies' College 2023

Anglia Ruskin University 2023

UK State School Integration 2023

UK Independent School Integration

Mini-stay 2023

Spires Plus 2023

Buddy Talk

Fees & Dates 2023

Host Family Charter

Kingsley School, Devon Introduction





OBU 3 weeks with entrance optional prices

Summer Fields



UK State School Integration

UK Independent School Integration



Cheltenham Ladies' College



The Cheltenham Ladies' College

CLC Accommodation 1

CLC Accommodation 2

CLC Accommodation 3

CLC Accommodation 4

CLC Accommodation 5

CLC Campus 1

CLC Campus 2

CLC Campus 3

CLC Campus 4

CLC Dining Hall

CLC Sports Centre 1 

CLC Sports Centre 2

CLC Sports Centre 3

CLC Swimming Pool 1

CLC Climbing Wall

CLC Evening Activity Space 1

CLC Evening Activity Space 2


Summer Fields School

SF Accommodation 1

SF Accommodation 2

SF Accommodation 3

SF Accommodation 4

SF Accommodation 5

SF Outside Campus 1

SF Outside Campus 2

SF Outside Dining Hall


Oxford Brookes University

Parade Green 1

Parade Green 2

Parade Green 3

Parade Green 4

Headington Campus 1

Headington Campus 2

Headington Campus 3


Anglia Ruskin University

ARU Accommodation 1

ARU Accommodation 2

ARU Accommodation 3

ARU Accommodation 4

ARU Dining Hall 1

ARU Dining Hall 1

ARU Campus 1

ARU Campus 2



Cherwell College

Cherwell College Accommodation 1

Cherwell College Accommodation 2

Cherwell College Accommodation 3

Cherwell College Accommodation 4

Cherwell College Accommodation 5

Cherwell College Accommodation 6

Cherwell College Accommodation 7

Cherwell College Accommodation 8

Cherwell College Accommodation 9

Cherwell College Accommodation 10

Cherwell College Accommodation 11

Cherwell College Academic Building 1

Cherwell College Academic Building 2

Cherwell College Academic Building 3

Cherwell College Academic Building 4

Cherwell College Academic Building 5


Other Images

Summer Fields Sample Menu

Student 2

Student 3

Student 4

Student 4

Student 6

Student 7




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