Coronavirus Covid-19: Our Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your children to Oxford Spires International.

We understand your concerns regarding Covid-19. The safety, security and well-being of our visiting students is of paramount importance, and we would like to bring to your attention the measures and precautions aimed to ensure the safety of all visiting students, to the UK.

We have been working closely with our trade association, English UK, and other UK Government and industry partners enabling us to monitor the situation regularly, and adapt our policies and procedures as we need to.

Finally, Oxford Spires International will aim to continuously monitor the situation which is fast-moving and changing.

We look forward to welcoming all our visiting young learners and to providing experiences which are safe, secure and worthwhile.

Please have a look at the FAQ below, and feel free to contact us at any time for any other concerns or queries.


FAQ - last updated 01/08/2020

We are constantly monitoring the situation, which involves following UK government advice, communicating with our agents, suppliers, homestay hosts, and of course, our students and their parents. 

At this time, we have every intention of operating as normal this summer, and we will continue to update this page as and when the situation evolves. 

We are still optimistic that we will be able to offer the same fun, educational programmes we have always run for our students, but in case the current global situation is not under control by that time, we might need to make some changes.

These changes might include:

  • Offering students the option to defer their course to a later date, with no extra charges and with a guarantee of the same or equivalent programme to what they have booked for 2020;
  • Offering students the option to join another similar programme, in case theirs is cancelled (for example, if we are forced to cancel a programme in one location, we might invite students to join us in a different location instead);
  • Offering students the option to book their course without paying any deposits. This is a risk-free option, which is a great way of securing your place on the summer school without worrying about losing money if we have to cancel the programme.

We will be constantly monitoring the situation, and we will update everyone involved when we have made the decision about when we will operate again this year. 

Please continue checking this page, and as always, contact us if you have any questions specific to your booking.

This is our top priority, and it always has been. 

We have worked with English UK and taken all the advice given by Public Health England to develop strong policies and procedures for our staff to follow, as a result of the global covid-19 pandemic. 

We will be training staff in areas such as hygiene, first aid, and health and safety - in addition to the regular training we already offer in these areas - with specific emphasis on viral transmission and disease control. 

Please click here to view our complete Coronavirus policy. 

Please click here to view our Terms and Conditions for Individuals. And click here to view our Terms and Conditions for Groups



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