About Us

Oxford Spires International offers a range of education experiences for global young travellers ages 8-17 looking for adventure and who are  interested in living and learning in the UK.

Our programmes in English language learning, low-season study tours, 'Buddy Talk' conversation classes (with UK teens ambassadors) academic tutoring and and online A-Level study, offer something for everyone interested in improving themselves linguistically and academically.

Oxford Spires International has become an integral part of providing English language programmes for international groups and individuals and as our name suggests, we specialise in providing these experiences in our City of Oxford.

More recently we have extended our experiences to also include Cambridge and Cheltenham enabling us to offer a range of year-round, winter, spring and summer experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you and to discussing further, how Oxford Spires International can become your partner of choice in the UK for an unrivalled range education experiences.


Why choose us?

Oxford Spires International provides an ideal environment for young learners to develop their skills and confidence in using the English language.

Oxford Spires benefits from being part of the Oxford Virtual Education Group (OVEG), providing innovative education for young people from all over the world.

We have educational experiences operating all year round, which means we have full-time staff focused on the development of our programmes and providing a personal, safe and consistent service for our students.

Our friendly and dedicated team are always happy to help. From enquiries to logistics, specific course requirements, and special requests, we will offer support and guidance wherever possible.

Oxford Spires is proud to be accredited by the British Council, and to be a member of English UK and English UK Young Learners.

Whether through full immersion at a local school, a themed English programme, or simply enjoying fun activities with other local and international students – we provide as many opportunities as possible for students to test and expand their English communication skills throughout their stay. So, talk to us about your next UK visit. Oxford Spires will always aim to deliver the best possible programme; professionally, proudly, and with the Oxford Spires spirit!

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Academic outline

All of our programmes follow a dedicated and carefully designed course syllabus, which covers all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ (CEFR).

The key features of our programmes are as follows:

  • Entry test on arrival (comprised of multiple choice, written and oral sections) to assess each student’s ability.
  • Students are then placed in an appropriate class of ability
  • Small classes of 12-15 students with lots of personalised learning and attention for all students
  • 15 to 23 hours of dedicated English lessons
  • A variety of teaching techniques to ensure that the learning process is enjoyable and develops confidence in the use of the language, both written and oral
  • Students have preparation for excursions in class to maximise their educational experience
  • Projects and activities designed and developed to increase leadership skills, teamwork and social interaction
  • Integration with both local and international students
  • Certificate of learning for each student on departure
  • All teachers hold the necessary qualifications to teach English at all levels
  • All staff are suitably experienced and qualified for social and cultural activities
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