Online Academic Learning

Starting July 2022

With the correct education plan and academic support, there is no limit to the success that each individual can enjoy.

Our Spires Online Academic Learning experiences include personalised education plans, tutoring, assessment and continued review to ensure that progress is continuously achieved.

Through professional tutoring and educational support, delivered by experienced, expert tutors, students will be matched with a specialist tutor according to their subject, age, learning style and individual preferences. All tutors are not just subject specialists but are also aware of the pastoral needs and wider wellbeing of students.

For students, parents and educators, the educational journey is not just about improved outcomes but also wider learning, wellbeing, encouraging curiosity and having fun.

Benefits include:

  • Engage and be matched with experienced and expert tutors
  • Learning opportunities in all major academic subjects
  • Subject specific online tuition in all academic subjects and wider academic areas
  • Learn from UK and International Examination Board learning content
  • All tuition and subjects are available as one-to-one tuition, in small groups or larger fixed classes
  • All tuition requests can be accommodated
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