Spring & Summer

In the UK

Spend a week or more in the UK improving your English, making new friends and experiencing new things. Our spring and summer vacation courses offer all of this and more...

Stay at one of our spring and summer vacation centres and get fully-involved in a busy and exciting programme of learning, activities and sightseeing . Courses are designed to improve English language learning or support boosting academic knowledge, and are combined with a choice of sports, the arts, activities and trips to some the most popular tourist destinations...



All ages

Our vacation courses are suitable for a wide range of ages, from 8 to 17 years.  Students are split into junior and senior groups across our range of venues.  

We also offer a more junior-specific programme for students ages 8-13 years which have been specially designed for younger learners.  In many instances this might be their first experience abroad. Our carefully planned lessons are based on a communicative approach,  and include fun and useful learning content keeping student confidence at the core of our syllabus and methodology.

Groups and Individuals

Both groups and individuals may join our summer vacations. 

Students' language skills are assessed on arrival and placed into an appropriate classes.  Our small classes of 12-15 students ensure lots of personalised learning and attention for all students.


Location map for Cheltenham

Language vacations are available at two times during the year:

  • in Spring during March and April
  • in Summer during June, July and August
  • Students can come for a one or two week stay (or longer during the summer!).

Summer Fields School, Oxford:
Summer 10  July - 21 August 2023 for ages 8-14 years

This programme has been specially designed for younger learners, for whom this may be their first experience abroad. We are also offering a unique opportunity to integrate with our sister day camp programme, Active Camps. Here, local children from Oxford take part in a variety of engaging school holiday activities including, sports, arts & crafts, team games and outdoor exploration activities.  Read more...

Our range of venues offer different accommodation options.  These may include full board residential on site in single and twin ensuite bedrooms or homestay with a local family.  Find out more...


Our carefully planned lessons take a communicative and task-based approach and cover a wide variety of topics, being relevant to students’ daily activities and excursions included within the programme. 

Here's a sample timetable:

Sample timetable



Spires + Options allow students the opportunity to benefit from six hours per week of additional learning opportunities across a range of academic, sporting and creative areas, including:

Exam Skills -Taking students through the stages of planning and preparing for an exam, including:

  • Exam Preparation
  • Revision Strategies
  • Exam Practice

Entrepreneurship - Developing students' entrepreneurial desire and leadership flair, including:

  • Decision Making
  • Cultivating Leadership Skills for the Future
  • Acts of Confidence

STEAM - Laying the STEAM foundations of inquiry, critical thinking, and process-based learning, including:

  • Start asking non-Googleable questions
  • Visual Thinking
  • Reciprocal Teaching

Maths - Mathematics is such an important life skill, we aim to equip students with the skills necessary for life outside the classroom, as well as covering areas important to exam success, including:

  • Number and place value
  • Fractions, Measurement, Statistics, Ratios & Algebra
  • Properties of Shape, Position and Direction

Chemistry – A tailored programme covering all topics within the Chemistry sphere. Enjoy Learning the secrets behind:

  • The Substance
  • Matter
  • Properties & Reactions

Physics - Structured tuition available for a range of topics, including:

  • Energy, Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Electricity, Magnetism & Waves
  • Light

English Literature – Finding it hard to structure essays, answering questions, and  would like support on analysing prose or poetry? Specific support in some of the following areas include:

  • Working through a difficult question or essay
  • How to structure, approach and write essays under the pressure
  • Revision techniques

History – Aiming to bring History out of the past and to life using enthusiasm and expert knowledge, enabling students' enjoyment for History, including:

  • Tailored tuition organised, covering knowledge of all exam boards
  • Organised visits to museums and sites of historical interest
  • Revision techniques

Geography – Students will receive a personalised education plan, assessment and continued review on this tailored Geography option, ensuring progress is achieved.

  • Students will be matched according to their age and level and learning style
  • Tailored tuition organised, covering knowledge of all exam boards
  • Learn valuable revision techniques

Crime Scene Science  – Become a forensic scientist, carrying out a series of chemical tests and using clues found to solve the crime!  Our Crime Scence Science option helps develop valuable skills, including:

  • Teamwork & Communication
  • Working scientifically & making comparisons
  • Drawing conclusions & solving the crime!

Bot Mazes  –  Code a BBC micro:bit to control a robot buggy and explore the importance of testing and improving their designs, including:

  • An introduction to the text-based coding language 'Python'
  • Develop valuable engineering skills & communication skills
  • Teamwork & resilience

Bit Codebreakers – Learn how to use a BBC micro:bit to send messages, considering the importance of privacy while trying to work out who the secret agent partner is, including:

  • Learning some basic encryption techniques
  • Discover a fun introduction to the text-based coding language Python, 
  • Learn MakeCode editor (similar to the popular coding language, Scratch

Active Camps – An opportunity to mix and integrate with local British children on a range of multi- activity sessions, all delivered in English by our experienced and qualified team.  Activities include:

  • Multi activity sports
  • Team games & group activity
  • Arts & Crafts

Active Adventure - Enjoy fun, creative, and varied outdoor and adventure activities with local British children including:

  • Kayaking, archery & shelter building
  • Raft building, fire lighting & survival skills
  • Orienteering, wood carving & slack-lining

Spires + options are available for a supplement of £150 per week. Find out more...

Oxford Spires Plus

Take advantage of an additional 6-hours of specialist instruction and tuition in a range of Spires+ subjects, sports and activities. Find out more...




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