9 reasons to book an Oxford Spires Summer Programme

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Here's 9 reasons why you should book with Oxford Spires this summer...

1. English speaking practice – and lots of it!

We teach in small classes of 12-15 students per group maximum. This means a lot of ‘contact time’ and more speaking practice than your child is used to back home. Our aim is that they will quickly feel comfortable speaking English; we will help them gain confidence and fluency, and have fun while learning!

2. It’s English all the way, 24/7.

We offer a fully immersive English speaking experience. Whether in class with our skilled English teachers, during activities or on excursions, there’s no doubt - it’s English only!

3. We offer Spires Plus – additional learning opportunities in key subject areas.

In addition to morning English classes, we offer your child extra afternoon classes in ‘academic subjects’: Science, Mathematics, Art, Performing Arts, Dance and Sports – all taught in English.  By adding these options to your booking, it’s a great way to enhance their learning over a two-week period and boost their school results back home.

4. They will have the chance to try out fun new activities.

Our courses take place in some of the UK’s top boarding schools where the facilities are outstanding. Your child will have the chance to try out new sports and activities, such as photography, swimming, tennis, basketball and orienteering. And these are just some of the many, many activities on offer!

5. They will visit some really cool places.

Our schools are located in some of the UK’s most beautiful towns and cities. All of our programmes include two full-day excursions per fortnight. Christ Church College Oxford, punting on the River Cam in Cambridge, the Cotswolds, and, of course, London, are just a few of the amazing trips on offer.

6. They will make friends from all over the world.

We live in an increasingly international world. At an Oxford Spires summer school, your child will have the opportunity to mix with children from many countries. Last year we welcomed more than 35 different nationalities to our summer schools. 

7. A chance to develop, to ‘stand on their own two feet’.

Being away from home, your child will experience independence and learn to make their own decisions and choices while in the protected environment of an Oxford Spires summer camp.

8. We provide a super safe environment

Your child’s safety and welfare are paramount. We offer an emergency phone line; ID card; Oxford Spires wristband; student handbook; qualified first-aiders on-site; fully DBS-checked staff; low staff to student ratio. Our mission is to ensure that your child is happy, healthy and safe.

9. They will make the memories of lifetime

Making new friends, experiencing a new culture, trying new foods and activities, all while improving their language skills will leave a massive impression that will last a lifetime. The experience is addictive; our students come back year after year and we hope yours will, too.

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Oxford Spires International offers a range of Education Experiences for Junior & Senior Young Learners (ages 8-17) interested in visiting the UK. Our British Council accredited programmes in English Language Learning, Academic Study and Primary and High School Integration, offer something for everyone interested in improving themselves linguistically and academically.

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