6 tips for sustainable travel

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In an age when global travel is more and more popular, making ecological choices in the way you and your family travel can make a difference to the planet and reduce your carbon footprint.

If your child is travelling to the UK this summer, check out these tips on how to make their journey more sustainable.

1. Travel with eco-friendly airlines.
Look for airlines which have a carbon offset programme. Air travel is heavy on pollution, so aviation industries have programmes to offset carbon emissions. Check out this page for more information: https://www.iata.org/whatwedo/environment/Pages/carbon-offset.aspx

2. Book non-stop flights if your child is travelling long-haul.
Taking off and landing is the most polluting part of the journey. Cut this down by booking direct flights for your child if you can.

3. Pack light.
Heavier suitcases mean more fuel consumption for aeroplanes, so taking time to pack lightly and intelligently is environmentally helpful.

4. Be waste-conscious while flying.
Reduce the amount of rubbish on flights by providing your child with pre-prepared snacks and by giving them a reusable water bottle. Most airports have water fountains where you can refill for free. It’s also a good idea tobring their own reusable coffee cup. Starbucks and most large coffee chains offer a discount on each drink if you bring your own cup.

5. Road Trip!
If coming from Europe, why not travel by coach? It’s more ecological than travelling by plane and can be a lot of fun if you build in some sightseeing stop-offs along the way

6. Rail travel.
Equally, travelling by train is more ecologically friendly than travelling by plane, too. If coaches aren’t your thing, why not use the train - it’s relaxing, and you’ll see some great scenery. https://www.interrail.eu/

Considering these tips when making travel choices can help enable change to the ecological future of the planet.  Why not start here?


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